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New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

The strategic location of a project plays a pivotal role in determining its success, for investors are increasingly discerning, seeking not only accessibility but also substantial monetary return on their investment. Recognizing the gravity of this element, BSM Developers have meticulously selected a New Metro City Gujar Khan Location that stands out as ideal within the tehsil Gujar Khan precinct.

Located at Main G. T. Road Gujar Khan, New Metro City benefits from its positioning along one of the vital commuting routes in Punjab. This prime location affords it unparalleled connectivity to all the major cities in the region, making it an attractive hub for residents and businesses alike. Its strategic importance is also evidenced by its commercial viability, underpinned by accessibility from diverse points.

New Metro City’s proximity to the bustling city of Islamabad is an undeniable attraction, located just a short commute away. In addition, the Tehsil Headquarters of Gujar Khan is within easy reach, further augmenting the appeal of this promising development. Other major landmarks nearby include Rawalpindi, further augmenting the connectivity and importance of this housing project.

BSM Developers have evidently recognized the paramount importance of location in the real estate industry. They have skillfully leveraged this understanding to select a prime spot for the New Metro City Gujar Khan Location Map, a decision that promises to yield substantial benefits for both residents and investors alike.


The investors can access New Metro City Gujar Khan easily via multiple routes. Some of the accessible points include the following.

At close proximity to G. T. Road

At 60 minute drive from Rawalpindi

At 60 minute drive from Islamabad

At 7 minute drive from the Mall of Gujar Khan

At 5 minute drive from Tehsil Headquarters, Gujar Khan